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A fork bomb is described as a program or shell script which (either intentionally or accidently) creates new processes repeatedly using the fork() system call. New processes are created so fast that within no time the process table gets filled up and the system comes to a grinding halt. This particular fork bomb outputs binary data while flooding the machine. [...]
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forkwar by
A "forkbomb" is a computer algorithm that chases its tail, repeating and replicating itself until it eventually crashes the system. Forkwar is a special "graphically-enhanced" forkbomb implementation that illustrates this process using the easy-to-understand example of U.S foreign policy! Crash your system - the patriotic way! (Windows version runs only on Windows 2000, XP, and possibly NT 4. [...]
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forkbomb by jaromil
A forkbomb (see related project descriptions) implemented as a single-line/13 characters Unix shell script. In other words: You just have to type these 13 characters (which superficially resemble smilies or ASCII art) on the command line/the terminal window of any computer running a Unix-like operating system: :(){ :|:& };: The most elegant forkbomb code ever written. [...]
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