Window by Peter Luining
Window is in fact a window where the part that normally shows the content is cut out. So all content that is underneath Window becomes it's content. Window does not only shows this content, but you can actually click on the content that is underneath it. Giving it a feel of a material object. I made "Window" in the first place to focus the attention of the user on the nearly always present [...]
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Revealing Interfaces

Featured by Alessandro Ludovico.

The concept of 'window' applied to the desktop metaphor is that of showing a content that has been 'opened'. So the window represents a different point of view (internal in this case), of the selected object, and the revelead and arranged vision of its content. Window is a freeware for Windows that plays with the ambivalence of its name: a reference to both physical and software windows. In the real world windows allow people to see both sides of them (inside and/or outside, depending on which side you are), so this software applies the same concept to the Windows system's windows changing their background in a completely transparent one. This way the perspective changes radically. The window becomes a point of contact, therefore an interface, between two different spaces. The informations are no more displayed only for the comfort of user's eyes, but they lie on a different level. Seeing through opaque transparency, as it happens in design-oriented interfaces, as the Mac OsX's Darwin, becomes just a voyeristic exercise. In Window the background barrier is ripped off and the user can interact with the underlying icons. So the omnipresent 'frame' element is stressed, and it's no more the place where the OS puts useful and active elements. The focus imposed by the standard is removed recovering the context, and, at the same time, conceptually reconfiguring one the key interface elements.

by admin, posted 14 Nov 2004

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