extreme whitespace by amy alexander / deprogramming.us
Extreme Whitespace takes advantage of your linux/unix text terminal's natural talent as a realtime video instrument! It's really pretty simple. About all this script really does it is continually spew whitespace into your terminal for you to type into/with/against/around... (Up against that kind of resistance, your typing can't help but become a performance tour de force!) More info, [...]
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Extreme Whitespace

Featured by Anne Laforet.

Extreme Whitespace is a perl script that transforms an unix terminal into a realtime video instrument by constantly adding whitespace into the console. Typed words get multiplied, warped, slanted, with changes of colours, plays on patterns...
At once minimal and elegant, this software turns the familiar and everyday environment of a terminal into performance space, blurring the floating lines between work and play, code and art. It brings back text into audiovisual performance, playing with, around and against sense, continuously swirling swarms of words. Extreme Whitespace is a low-tech and tongue-in-cheek critique of more elaborated visual tools as it engages both the player/typist/performer and the viewer in a more personal and playful experience. Its simpleness and immediacy (as everyone needs to type to communicate with its computer and through it) allows the "typing jockeys" to rock the keyboard and have fun, from "reverse karaoke" to automatic text flows from the internet or hard drives.

by admin, posted 14 Nov 2004

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