rand()% by Joe Gilmore / Tom Betts
rand()% internetradiobot ------| rand()% is a realtime streaming generative internet radio station. It exists as a host for computer driven / user defined audio programming that is entirely automated, where every programme transmitted is composed in realtime by computer. All audio is generated on demand by a unique series of artist / musician developed programs. [...]
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Streamed Generative Radio

Featured by Alessandro Ludovico.

The 'sound machine' myth of the box which can produce never-ending music, originated in the ancient world, but it periodically resurfaced during human history as a wonderful object which can play ecstatic sounds. In the last thirty years, thanks also to sci-fi suggestions and Very Large Scale Integration microchips, this object changed its status from legend to prototype. The algorithms to generate music have introduced the possibility to create autonomous musical entities, perceived as almost 'alive'. It's a primeval, maybe illusory, stage of artificial intelligence which, in rand()% is coupled with the on-demand distribution of Internet radios. The project collects the streams realized using these techniques by electronic musicians which make available their never-ending, never-repeating music. It's the next stage of fruition of this kind of compositions, where the peculiar originality of software machines is streamed sequentially. This way, the user listens to the parametric compositions of the machines across the network through a continuous and programmed broadcasting. Thus, after many centuries, the 'sound houses' imagined by Francis Bacon in his New Atlantis and the musical pieces for dices, described precisely by Mozart in his 'Musikalisches Wurfelspiel', take shape in this project which exploits the amplifying potential of TCP/IP packets to endlessly offer its musical horn of plenty.

by admin, posted 14 Nov 2004

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