sweetcode.org by Dan Egnor
From the site: Sweetcode reports innovative free software. "Innovative" means that the software reported here isn't just a clone of something else or a minor add-on to something else or a port of something else or yet another implementation of a widely recognized concept. (These are all perfectly fine and useful things, they're just not what this site is for.) " [...]
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A familiar criticism of free, or 'open source' software is that it isn't innovative, requiring proprietry software to feed it with ideas.
It's a strange criticism considering the roots of software, the code that forms the basis of our operating systems and networks and the huge playground of free software from which students may gain inspiration.
But sweetcode.org highlights contemporary innovative free software; software that "surprises in an interesting way." It's a delightful read, perhaps the closest thing to an art gallery for the free software community, and indeed one of the inspirations for http://runme.org

by Alex McLean, posted 06 Jun 2003

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