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iTunes Signature Maker by Jason Freeman
iTunes Signature Maker analyzes your iTunes music collection to create a short sonic signature representing who you are and what you listen to. Once you open the software inside of your web browser and set a few parameters, iTSM will combine data tracked by Apple's iTunes software with its own spectral audio analysis routines, selecting small segments of audio from your favorite songs and [...]
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The Party at the Center of the Universe by Pall Thayer
The Party at the Center of the Universe is an attempt at using data generated by the public to generate a spatial construct on the internet. This spatial construct takes into consideration the user's position in space, orientation in space and identity. Each of these factors will affect the way a person is represented in the constructed space. [...]
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AIKON by Leymarie, Tresset
An automated/artistic portrait sketcher. A project aiming at imitating the processes involved when sketching a portrait. AIKON is based on an understanding of human perception, understanding of the artistic processes, and advances made in computer vision.
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Characters by tats
Characters allows you to participate in the building of an online dictionary of names. You can add your own name/definition to it. You can also create new names/definitions through an evolutionary process. This work came out of a series of questions I kept asking myself about how one's name relates to one's identity. [...]
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The "BANKSTATEMENTGENERATOR" is an online engine - embodied in the form of a white tower, a white cube ATM-Machine - that generates individual bank statements. If you need a absurde positive or negative bank statement, generate it. The core theme of this project is described in the slogan "just pixels on a screen - just ink on paper" and consolidated in the term "authenticity as consensual [...]
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GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself by UBERMORGEN.COM feat. Alessandro Ludovico vs. Paolo Cirio
We generate money by serving Google text advertisments on our Websites. With this money we automatically buy Google shares. We buy Google via their own advertisment! Google eats itself - but in the end "we" own it! By establishing this model we deconstruct the new global advertisment mechanisms by rendering them into a surreal click-based economic model. [...]
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Posing at three thirty by Tjark Ihmels, Julia Riedel, Tidi Tiedeman, Tom Klingenberg
"Posing at three thirty" is a self-generated movie. It consists of a Database of Audio- and Videoclips, and a software build of different generators creating the script. Another part of the Software then cuts, mixes and applies subtitles to the movie in realtime. Additionally, the created AV-Stream (film), can be encoded and spread via a network like the internet.
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100 windows by Peter Luining
name: 100 windows artist: Peter Luining date: 18 august 2005 platform: windows 3.1/95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP type: executeable description: 100 auto rotating pop-windows size: 7 kb zip file 100 windows was commissioned by background info: Aware of the decline of pop-up window art caused by the widespread use of pop-up blockers* (Windows XP has even default a pop-up [...]
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quagmire by Dave Griffiths
An art project where drawings draw themselves. Quagmire is an emulation of an impossible 8bit processor, where all memory is addressed in 2 dimensions, and is represented by pixel value. Program execution threads can run up, down, left or right. Sections of code are visible in memory, as are the processes as they run. [...]
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club.ware by christina goestl and boris kopeinig
club.ware is a project between software art and club visuals by electronic media artists christina goestl and boris kopeinig. technologically speaking club.ware consists of word libraries and scripts that generate word streams. editing word libraries is one crucial part of the project. we're not doing automated dictionary lookup or anything like this. [...]
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Nanovoice by Oliver Wittchow, Julian Rohrhuber
Nanovoice is an additive sound synthesis implementation for Nintendo Gameboy.
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real time contextual art generator by Don Relyea
The Real Time Contextual Art Generator is an application that searches for recent contextual imagery (using google images) based on user input from the internet and real time algorithmically composes a layout from those results. Your results are filtered according to your google filtering options. You can save your designs in jpeg format. [...]
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Map-o-matix by Yves Degoyon / Sergio Moreno / Jaume Nualart and more
Map-o-matix is a collaborative environment for creating and editing maps, the maps can contain physical elements ( oils ressources, telecomunication antenas, ...) as well as abstract ones ( human organisations, web sites, rss, ... ) and relations between these entities. Behind this tool is the idea of editing and publishing tactical maps, maps that are not only physical but also the maps of [...]
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TV-BOT - World News as soon as it happens! by Marc Lee
Hi Dear Surfer! I'm a Live Stream TV-Bot. Just call me TV-Bot. I'm presenting you the live coverage of the Latest World News! I'm created by Marc Lee for 56k Bastard TV Channel. Inke Arns: The ultimately latest news from the world’s definitely most up to date television station. Switch on your TV. Switch to TV-Bot. TV Bot will bring the latest world news to your home sweet home. [...]
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UPDATE `me` by tats
UPDATE `me` is a project that deals with information's life cycle. The user comes upon a webpage that shows a piece of text. She can choose to leave it, modify it, or replace it with something new. When doing so, the old piece of text is utterly annihilated, without any possibility of backing up. Every time the site is thus updated, a timestamped "tombstone" is added to a log in one of the [...]
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