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semantic vj by Eugenio Tisselli
the tool for lazy vj's... just type the word that describes the images you want, press enter, and let the machine do the rest.
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FAST K.A.R.L. by Fred Wilder
The greatest artist of the 21st Century is here now and he is a robot! FAST KARL works on paper and canvas with acrylic paints and lots of energy. He is programmed to create strange abstract works and he functions independent of his programmer. At least until his batteries run down! Also be sure to catch K.A.R.L.' [...]
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e44 by Jon Meyer
#E44 reformats today's New York Times web page using the layout conventions of the print-based New York Times from around 1860. I've personalized the content to my own tastes by converting certain keywords into headings when they appear in the text. The text is not altered in any other way. The generated page doesn't make distinctions between advertising, markup, hyperlinks and news, and [...]
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Argeďphontes Lyre by Akira Rabelais
A set of audio, video and text filters and generators for the Macintosh.
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degenerative/regenerative/fadeaway by Eugenio Tisselli
"degenerative" is a web page that slowly becomes corrupted. each time the page is visited, one of its characters is either destroyed or replaced. link to degenerative: --- in the "regenerative" web page, text degenerates with each visit, but it also attempts to regenerate itself by trying to [...]
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Darwin by Taylor Berg
Darwin is an interactive online generative art project. It is a study of an evolutionary process that evolves poetry over time. The role of natural selection is played by the aesthetic preferences of visitors to the site. The project is based on the Galapagos project of Karl Sims. Darwin is an online version of Galapagos that evolves poetry instead of images. [...]
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giant cursor by Peter Luining
name: giant cursor date: 01 march 2005 platform: windows 3.1/95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 type: executable description: extreme large cursor that replaces the standard cursor important: before installation read readme.txt file first size: 9 kb zip file
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noumena by wayne clements
‘Noumena’ may be thought of as a software version of ‘Reality’ by the Conceptual artist Jarowslaw Kozlowski. ‘Reality’ is a section of Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason with the text removed leaving only the punctuation. Noumena tries to do the same thing to web pages: remove everything but the punctuation. [...]
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pensat0 [dBzer0 -SilenceSynth] by decembertexture
pensat0 [dBzer0 -SilenceSynth] is a software synthesizer which utilizes Inaudible Synthesis.
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LaMonte by decembertexture
a port of Composition 1961 1-29 by LaMonte Young to Windows. Coded in RapidQ.
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STICKYPHONE by flu/navn
STICKYPHONE is a sound-toy to record and publish on-line audio messages. Every next message overwrites the previously stored one. Evry audio message has embeded ID3? information on it's author and date of creation. In contrast to the other messaging tools, here you have only one file which content is updateable from evryone. [...]
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oversaturation by hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
THIS is an openGL based, 3D VIDEOGAME, exploring oversaturation through gameplay, visual, audio experience, and hardware load. Avaliable space is always at stake: be it media-space, mindspace or a purely physical space... OVERSATURATION is common in most global processes as the fluxes: material and linguistic evolve real time in shape and magnitude. [...]
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bugout by daniel c. howe
'bugout' is an interactive sound-environment based upon principles of reversible/energy-free computation. By adding & removing 'agents', each of which follow a simple ruleset, users affect a wide range of parameters in the resulting composition. Sound, created via real-time synthesis, occurs on collisions between agents as they follow their algorithmic trajectories. [...]
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formulas by Peter Luining
name: formulas artist: Peter Luining/ type: photoshop & compatibles plug-in (win only) description: package of 246 experimental plug-ins info: "... especially the search for unexpected filters in a new series called formulas, in which I forced myself to ignore my programming knowledge and just started to type in code in a simple and stupid looking way, by just adding [...]
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Plug-Ins Revised by Peter Luining
Series of Photoshop and compatibles plugins that investigate function, use and character of plug-ins
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