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The Last Supper by Eugenio Tisselli - Leonardo da Vinci
Despite Jesus's best efforts, the apostles just couldn't stop twittering. Watch the drama unfold ...
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Rtuk by Ali Miharbi
Rtuk is a Firefox add-on which enables anonymous users to "censor" any text on any web page. The name is inspired by RTÜK, "Radio and Television Supreme Council" in Turkey and how several governments in the world work on controlling the Internet as if it were a centralized TV broadcast. It's also an analogy of bottom-up censorship (such as Internet users submitting URL's that they find [...]
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#songsincode by unknown
#songsincode is a twitter hash tag. Anyone can use it to contribute translations of songs into code using twitter. An example for such a translation would be: we=world; we=children; While I have been writing this, 12 new contributions were added by various authors.
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What You Got (J hu$tle's Flying Faders Short Mix) by Jeff 'JHustle' Yan
ProTools audio production software includes graphical automation techniques designed for things like causing mixers to do automated volume fades. Some musicians have noticed that the automated mixer faders - aka "flying faders" - can make interesting patterns - e.g. sine waves. JHustle repurposed this feature to turn it into a real-time animation tool. [...]
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text2image by ted davis
text2image is an online tool that does exactly as the name describes, but in a different way than one might expect. Rather than creating a typographic based image of the live text submitted, this tool renders an abstract image that is the digital translation of the input text. The results remain consistent for any given entry, however will change greatly through alternate keying. [...]
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Yooouuutuuube by Yooouuutuuube
New media meets old media: a new way to watch films, er uh, digital videos.... montage in X and Y.
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Microcodes by Pall Thayer
Microcodes are a growing collection of very small code-based artworks. Each one is a fully contained work of art. The conceptual meaning of each piece is revealed through a combination of the title, the code and the results of running them on a computer.
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The Oracle of Elsewhere by Ian Wojtowicz
This web-based artwork visualizes recent growth in news in major urban centers around the world.
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Dreaming of You by Richard Caceres and Jamie Burkart
Dreaming of You is a system for tapping into your computer's dreams. There are three parts to this program. The first is a screen saver that visualizes screenshots that it downloads from a web server. The second is a program that periodically takes screenshots of your computer and uploads them to the server. [...]
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blog botnik is a self erasing blog. everyday a letter will be replaced by a grey square and the images (jpg) get compressed from 100 to 0. after 100 days the entry erases itself.
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Arteroids by Jim Andrews
Arteroids is the battle of poetry against itself and the forces of dullness. An online shoot-em-up poetry game. Play mode and game mode. In game mode, you have less control over the game's parameters. And your scores are saved to the net. In play mode, you can write your own texts in Word for Weirdos and save poetry from yourself. [...]
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Childhood Games by Eugenio Tisselli
Mexico City, 1984. There and then I was 12 years old, dreaming of creating computer games. I already knew how to program in BASIC, but I didn't have a computer. So I just took a pencil and a notebook, and wrote down my games. Almost 25 years later, I re-discovered the old notebook with my first hand-written games. It was dusty but still readable (unlike the floppy disks). [...]
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Untitled (DIY Google Image Search) by Yorit Yorit
A low-tech solution to finding some nice images in the real world... (Original link is down; link provided is from a blog that featured the project.)
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CodeSounding by Roberto Mannai
The primary goal of CodeSounding is to make it possible to hear the sound of execution of a Java software, assigning instruments / pitches to programming statements (if, for, etc), so that the flowing of execution could be played as a flow of music. Several audio synthesis engines can be used: JMusic, ABC, JSyn, Max/MSP, Pure Data, Jack Server Audio. [...]
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City Distances: measuring informational distances between cities. by Bestiario
> "This three-dimensional scheme represents the strength of relations between cities from searches on google. The main idea is compare the number of pages on internet where the two cities appears one close to the other with the number of pages they appear isolated". We call that the google-platonic distance between cities.
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