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Blood For Sale by Christophe Bruno
Wi-Fi performance in Dublin at the ReJoyce festival celebrating Bloomsday 100 (June 2004), featuring the pervasive invasion of language by financial globalization. As James Joyce did 100 years ago, I walk through Dublin, but with a Wi-Fi handheld and a digital camera. On my way, I record everything I see, mainly company logos or brands, as if my eyes were "spammed". [...]
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Pintura Viva by Dimitre Lima
User interacts using mouse plus three sliders to paint and set blending modes of software. Time, user interactivity, and algorythms produces non-stop unexpectable results. Featured at Perspectives '03 - Sofia, Bulgaria and File 2003 - S„o Paulo, Brasil.
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Influenza Skin by Rafael Marchetti
The skin combines XML and quicktime and constitutes the main interface. It adheres to all opened windows of your computer, invades your desktop, contaminating everything. You open Influenza and it loads automatically the skin. It is possible to access, by the skin, some of the web sites developed by Influenza. [...]
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final_adjustment by Aristarkh Chernyshev
the project's goal: the final release of the television from the directive psychological effect and burden of sense, the deconstruction of the information flow and its further use in decorative purposes, giving the consumer the possibility to manipulate the TV-signal, i.e. the actual creation of the product of a new type that allows to consume tv-products offered by tv-companies in a distorted [...]
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sub set by
generate two random strings, create a new string based on common characters

.sgh[u][c][z]qbg[p] .[p]ta[z]nelmvj[u]e[c]

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op-sys by
K    K    K    K
W    W    W    W
R  > C    C    C
G    G    G    G
B    B  > M    M
Y    Y    Y    Y
C    C    C    C
M    M    M  > K

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CyberSpaceLand by Amy Alexander (VJ ‹bergeek)
CyberSpaceLand is the all-text VJ show performed by VJ ‹bergeek at nightclubs from Here to There. Computer culture, nerdy lovechild of the business and tech worlds, clashes with pop and leisure culture daily. The result: leisure culture seems increasingly like work. But what if we take a different approach? VJ ‹bergeek's "CyberSpaceLand" turns strange search engine queries into fun-and-funky [...]
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ekart (electronic keyword artcenter) by david guez -
ekart is an electronic art center in open share/access based on the use and the propagation of a key word via the networks peer to peer. ekart is a P2P label. ekart uses the greatest world bases of exchange and resource sharing which are networks P2P (peer to peer). The contents of ekart are free, in emission and diffusion, and it evolves/moves perpetually according to the artists who [...]
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Microswapper by Carl - Micromusic
this microswapper was activated to make dull chats a thing of the past! the fresh_&_funky microtalk experienze! Microswapper[TM] swapped the following list of words in the microtalk [simple java-message pop-up chat on] messages from 2003-03-19 to 2003-05-19: bomb <-> cake war <-> sex terror <-> funk bin laden <-> stockhausen bitch <-> beeotch [...]
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nest by c6
N.E.S.T - Network Examination of Serendipitous Transfer, 2004 The internet is an ordered place of ones and zeros, a logical exchange of packets of data. Math exists everywhere in bytes, bits, addresses and code. C6 has been creating chaotic content online for several years, and now focuses attention on to the raw materials of earlier transmissions: The search and interpretation of chaos online [...]
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Sonification of Virtual Space - 1 by Mark Brady
SOVS1 is an audio-visual ambient installation, mapping the activity of a "transient community" of unwitting interactors, all of whom are participating in a peer-to-peer file-sharing network. This network is the backbone of popular file sharing software such as Morpheus, LimeWire and Bareshare. Day and night music, video, images and software are freely traded between the networked peers. [...]
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WebWaste.Net by Ragnar Helgi Olafsson
WEBWASTE // WebWaste is an Internet rubbish dump; a collective yet anonymous dustbin, open to all Internet users. By going onto WebWaste you can browse through the rubbish and inspect what Internet users before you have thrown away. This might include images, texts, sounds and movie clips. THE DUSTMAN // WebWaste collects trash from your own computer's Recycle Bin and uploads it to the waste [...]
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Movie Mincer by Sergey Teterin
An old soviet mincer is used as a laptop-connected device to manually generated video streams (mincer > laptop > beamer > screen).Movie mincer allows to show motion pictures by turning the mincer's handle reviving and paroding the atmosphere of the first performances from the very dawn of cinema era. [...]
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Elvis Detector by Toggle Booleans
Elvis Detector Version 1.0 (C) Copyright 1992 TOGGLE BOOLEANS All rights reserved. The TOGGLE BOOLEANS Elvis detector is designed to sense the presence of Elvis or his spirit in your vicinity. It includes some of the most reliable Elvis detection methods gathered from supermarket tabloids over the last several years. If you are running Windows 3.1 [...]
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dot_matrix_synth by Paul Slocum
A 1985 Epson LQ-500 dot matrix printer turned into a musical instrument by reprogramming its EPROM. The author's band, Tree Wave, performs with the printer live - it prints patterns while playing music.
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