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Victor by Paul Camacho
Victor creates synthetic art based on game theory algorithms. Victor is dedictated to Victor Vaserely, who in 1968 first envisioned "a machine that could create art". Victor can synthesize different op-art styles, also Mondrian's compositional style. The Beta running in 2000, Victor was first publicly displayed at NetArt 2001 during the ARCO in Barcelona as ASP code. [...]
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Algorithmic web server scripts which resample websites (based, among others, on Markov chain algorithms) to generate sites which can be aesthetically passed off as "". The scripts allow anyone to instantly create their own sites/projects in the World Wide Web. Cornelia Sollfrank used the first version of the generators to enter 288 websites under the identity of 288 of [...]
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f*ck f*ck by Chilliwilli (MrThomasRathboneEsq)
An offspring of the "Brainfuck" programming language (see read_me entry) using censored four-letter-words as its instruction set: f**k Increment the pointer. s**g Decrement the pointer. b**b Increment the byte at the pointer. t**s Decrement the byte at the pointer. c**k Output the byte at the pointer. [...]
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brainfuck by Urban Müller (and others)
Brainfuck is a minimalist/experimental, yet (Turing-) complete computer programming language which consists of just eight single-character commands: > Increment the pointer. < Decrement the pointer. + Increment the byte at the pointer. - Decrement the byte at the pointer. . Output the byte at the pointer. , Input a byte and store it in the byte at the pointer. [ [...]
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Acme::Bleach by Damian Conway
A Perl module which "bleaches" the Perl source code it is put in by turning it into whitespace code (while still maintaining its functionality).
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REplay PLAYer by Karlheinz Essl
REplay PLAYer is a computer program that de-constructs a given sound file and re-composes it by using realtime composition algorithms - a field of research that has been investigated by Karlheinz Essl since the mid 1980ies. With this project, the author is following once again his vision of a music "that is composed, as if from itself (auto-poetic), at the moment of its sounding." [...]
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more or less by Karlheinz Essl
"more or less" is an computer-driven realtime composition in which the musicians do not reproduce parts of a fixed score. Instead of executing a pre-fabricated text from note sheets, they are viewing computer monitors which display random-generated playing instructions. During the performance of the piece the musicians can make queries to their computers asking for playing instructions whenever [...]
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thegrabber by ARN
thegrabber is a kind of 'one shot webbot'. It reads the file at the provided URL and follow an external link if it finds one, and so on. If there's no link, thegrabber stops running. The main purpose of thegrabber is to show this single process. As secondary purpose, thegrabber aims to leave a trace in visited website logs.
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DESSINE PANSE (dessine moi v2) by joachim lapotre - AZerty
DESSINE PANSE is a serie of generative sound-pictures: the pictures are generated by DESSINE MOI v2( ), and the drawing parameters control the Public Access Network Sound Engine, an open platform for the development of audio-visual netart, open to all, created by Pall Thayer in Pure Data ( ) DESSINE PANSE at: [...]
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BumpList: an email community for the determined by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
BumpList is a mailing list aiming to re-examine the culture and rules of online email lists. BumpList only allows for a minimum amount of subscribers so that when a new person subscribes, the first person to subscribe is "bumped", or unsubscribed from the list. Once subscribed, you can only be unsubscribed if someone else subscribes and "bumps" you off. [...]
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Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham
Recent essay by the designer of Arc language, x-president of Viaweb, and author of books "On Lisp" and "ANSI Common Lisp". Though the essay operates with the hackers' concepts of "beautiful software" and uses the example of Leonardo to illustrate how a hacker's artistic career can eventually evolve, it is extremely interesting in a way it describes the common patterns of "computer science" [...]
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Triggerhappy by Thomson & Craighead
A playable on-line re-creation of the ATARI classic, 'Space Invaders' where instead of fending off pixelly alien invaders, you must defend yourself against paragraphs of philosophical text taken from Michel Foucault's essay, 'What is an Author?' The game has nine levels and each player is given three lives. [...]
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Initialize by Pantopicon
Array and selection: the production of parallel meaning and reading through substructure and the initialized code.
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Egobot by Philipp Lenssen
Egobot likes to answer your question -- any question. On you, him, or the world in general. He pulls all his ideas from Google using the Google Web API. He's mostly talkative, rarely evasive, and almost always in good mood.
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AGENTBEATS by Mikkel Bertelsen
AGENTBEATS is software within which "artificial life" determines the time-musical evolution of musical patterns. Each musical pattern/BEAT is linked to an AGENT. AGENTs have relations to other AGENTs. Their "physical" place in the AGENTuniverse is determined by a "behaviour" algorithm that among other parameters considers the following: - relation to "closest" AGENTs. - [...]
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