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Genetic Art by Adriano Abbado, Marco Stefani
This freeware program for the Apple PPC platform creates images based on the genetic concepts of cross-over and mutation.
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particles by Ole Kristensen
mousereactive complex reiterations in 3d particle system rendered using open gl same motion 15 expressions [Ed note: The original download link no longer works -- we have replaced it with a link to the artist's site. Interested visitors may contact the artist for details about the original project.]
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Yellowtail by Golan Levin
YELLOWTAIL is an interactive software system for the gestural creation and performance of real-time abstract animation. Yellowtail repeats a user's strokes end-over-end, enabling simultaneous specification of a line's shape and quality of movement. Each line repeats according to its own period, producing an ever-changing and responsive display of lively, worm-like textures.
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sondheim.exe by Lewis LaCook
Writer Alan Sondheim mentioned in conversation about a month ago that, in the 1970s, he'd written a text program that recast the user's text as they entered it...a kind of trickster Windows Notepad. Fascinated, I immediately began working on my own version of this program. The result is sondheim.exe, a standalone artware application written in Visual Basic that recasts your text, sometimes [...]
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non-weddings by Christophe Bruno
This work, made in 2002, was inspired by a drawing by Jacques Lacan in "L'instance de la lettre dans l'inconscient" (Ecrits, Editions du Seuil), as I realized that the search engines on the Internet had some similarities with this presentation.
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Fascinum by Christophe Bruno
This piece created in 2001, shows the pictures the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals.
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The Google Adwords Happening by Christophe Bruno
April 2002: how a large scale poetry happening on Google Adwords, unveiled the Generalized Semantic Capitalism.
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MIDIPoet by Eugenio Tisselli
MIDIPoet is a tool for composing and performing pieces that involve interactive text and image. It is divided in two separate programs: the composer, which lets you create a piece by drawing diagrams, and the player, that lets you perform the previously composed pieces. The MIDIPoet pieces can be thought of as visual performances, in which text and image on the screen respond to external events: a [...]
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DSTRKTR by stk
An alternative browsing experience combining user interaction and randomness. Results range from the strangely beautiful to the nonsensically asinine.
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micromusic by micromusic team
multimedia net_work_community_system micromusic was brought to life in november 1998 by carl (gino esposto, zurich - switzerland) and superB (michael burkhardt, basel - schweiz) under the code name "futurelab". the following months were used to define the project, program and finally put the website online in the beginning of august 1999. [...]
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Whitespace by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
Most modern programming languages do not consider white space characters (spaces, tabs and newlines) syntax, ignoring them, as if they weren't there. We consider this to be a gross injustice to these perfectly friendly members of the character set. Should they be ignored, just because they are invisible? Whitespace is a language that seeks to redress the balance. [...]
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extreme whitespace by amy alexander /
Extreme Whitespace takes advantage of your linux/unix text terminal's natural talent as a realtime video instrument! It's really pretty simple. About all this script really does it is continually spew whitespace into your terminal for you to type into/with/against/around... (Up against that kind of resistance, your typing can't help but become a performance tour de force!) More info, [...]
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Novelwriting by Jeff Epler
Novelwriting is a knock-off of the Dada Engine written in Python.
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Wirescapes 1.0 by John Vega
Wirescapes 1.0 is an exploration of the machine as conduit to the art idea. Interaction with the Virtual Sculpture Interface allows for the generation of infinite form and fleeting moments of beauty and chaos. The VSI provides for the creation of a digital "action painting" and presents opportunities for the user to see what is in the moment and to capture that instant of “seeing [...]
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Programming with a Paintbrush by Richard Wright
A comparison of two highly contrasting designs of artist’s moving image software - Quantel and Adobe After Effects. This detailed critical essay analyses how a creative practice is constructed not through the technical definition of the software nor its visual design but its “techno-aesthetic” – the cultural models and encoded subjectivities by which a system’s [...]
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