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Actionist Respoke (Passivist Destroke) by Michael Janoschek & Rüdiger Schlömer
Sound interface for the music of "Mouse On Mars" "Actionist Respoke" was produced on the occasion of the "MTV iClip Award". Contrasting the commercial orientation of the format iClip (an interactive web version of Music Video Clips), this work reflects the question if music has to please the listener and if an interface has to obey the user. [...]
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fleur v 0.2 by clemos
"fleur" is a text generator based on a search engine. the user enters a word. the program gets related textual material on the Web, splits it and re-builts it randomly. multiple subjects and new meanings can then appear, as the program runs through several websites, more or less related to the word entered, and puts those different texts together in a cut-up style computer poetry. [...]
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googlepoweredgogglebox by Sam Woolf
The googlepoweredgogglebox is a tool I made using Macromedia's Director software to explore the idea of generative film-making. The idea of generative or process art has been around for at least as long as Brian Eno and most probably for a good while longer. It has (some of) its roots in the experimental music movement of the 1960's and the work of avant-garde composers such as John Cage and Steve [...]
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NETARIUM by Haruka Kikuchi
The universe seen from the Internet. "NETARIUM" is the simulator which converts branch of a website into a video signal on real time. Arbitrary websites are decided and started. If "NETARIUM" analyzes the structure of a website and a link is found, it will create a star on the field. And the following page is loaded automatically again. [...]
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Software Art Panel Transcript Feb. 2003 by ...
It's a transcript of the 3 hours long panel discussion on software art between Amy Alexander, Florian Cramer, Olga Goriunova, Alex McLean, Antoine Schmitt, Inke Arns, Pit Schultz, Sally Jane Norman, Adrian Ward, Dragan Miletic, and many others.
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Behind the Blip: Software as Culture by Matthew Fuller
(some routes into 'software criticism', more ways out.)
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PawSense by BitBoost Systems
PawSense is a software utility that helps protect your computer from cats. It quickly detects and blocks cat typing, and also helps train your cat to stay off the computer keyboard.
admin's note: It costs money and we didn't try it but we like the concept!
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P.A.N.S.E. by Pall Thayer
PANSE is an open access audio server that is capable of receiving messages as well as outputting numerical streams based on amplitude and midi note values being played by seperate "instruments". These numerical streams can be used for instance in a Flash movie to control various parameters of the movie. [...]
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The 5k contest by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello
The idea behind the contest is that the rigid constraints of designing for the web are what force us to get truly creative. Between servers and bandwidth, clients and users, HTML and the DOM, browsers and platforms, our conscience and our ego, we're left in a very small space to find highly optimal solutions. [...]
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Enigma n^2 by Jim Andrews
Enigma n^2 is meaning thrice: once backwards, twice forwards. Very stereo. Best with headphones up loud. Click around in it. It also lets you explore different sounds in a similar manner if you download the source code and open it with Director. An experiential conceptual piece.
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Gnu's Not Unix by Richard M. Stallman
The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU system. (GNU is a recursive acronym for ``GNU's Not Unix''; it is pronounced "guh-NEW".) Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as ``Linux'', they are more accurately called GNU/Linux [...]
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M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator by The MAME Team
On December 24th, 1996, Nicola Salmoria began working on his single hardware emulators (for example Multi-Pac), which he merged into one program during January 1997. He named the accomplishment by the name of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME for short (pronounced as the word 'maim' in English, other languages may differ). The first official release was MAME 0.1, [...]
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Symphony for dot matrix printers by [The User] Thaddeus Thomas
The Symphony for dot matrix printers is a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance. The Symphony focuses the listener's attention on a nearly forgotten technology: the dot-matrix printer. Specifically, it employs the noises the printers make as the sole sound source for a musical composition. [...]
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bildschirmgymnastik by joreg
©bildschirmgymnastik. scentless and discreet. three times a day for a healthy desktop until old age. a training program from joreg for your screen.
admin's note: please refer to the included readme file for possible side effects.
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Blog Bitch by Joe Petrow
Turing test for blogs.
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