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Desktop Subversibles by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
As computers and the desktop metaphor reach virtual ubiquity in our daily lives, they also become objects we take for granted in daily use. The Desktop Subversibles application suite questions this ubiquity by focusing on standard desktop activities like copy/paste, mouse movements, and clicks and adding networked and physical outputs to highlight these mundane activities' collective and [...]
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Revision History 3.0 by Johnny DeKam
`Revision History` is a networked collage application written by johnny deKam that autonomously downloads and composites images from the American Memory Collections Database with various raster effects. The National Digital Library Program is an effort to digitize and deliver electronically the distinctive, historical Americana holdings at the Library of Congress. [...]
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forkwar by
A "forkbomb" is a computer algorithm that chases its tail, repeating and replicating itself until it eventually crashes the system. Forkwar is a special "graphically-enhanced" forkbomb implementation that illustrates this process using the easy-to-understand example of U.S foreign policy! Crash your system - the patriotic way! (Windows version runs only on Windows 2000, XP, and possibly NT 4. [...]
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Sound Room Composer by Rikard Lundstedt
[Admin's Note 1 July 2005: This project no longer seems to exist at the external link. Unfortunately we have been unable to locate a new URL for it or contact the author.] (To get a complete understanding of the work you need to know of two earlier works that led to the making this one. You can read about them on these locations: and [...]
[ go to project page ] by Francis Hwang is intended as an exploration of the promise of hypertext. It parses any publically available HTML page and turns every word it can into a link click on a word and you are taken to a relevant page, as determined by Google. When every word is turned into a link, is that empowering or numbing? When context is stripped so callously from links, does that lay the seeds for chaos, or [...]
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SoundField by Arthur Clemens
Visual audio mixer The program's graphical representation of sound brings concepts to audio that are traditionally more related to other fields, such as proximity, boundary, overlap and placing.
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Googlism by
Find out what the Web says about you
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Read_Me 1.2 Jury Statement by
Amy Alexander, Cue P. Doll, Florian Cramer, RTMark, Alexei Shulgin. Read_me 1.2 jury statement from spring 2002 is an important text on software art, giving some definitions, featuring works, and making some sense out of the field.
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SCREEN SAVER by Eldar Karhalev & Ivan Khimin
The software on your computer has capabilities, which are not only hidden from you the user, but also from the program writers themselves. "SCREEN SAVER" is: 1. a work of contemporary art 2. decoration for your computer 3. the users' overcoming of the narrow framework, laid down by the software producers.
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.walk by
no software but walkware. This tutorial shows the fundamental concepts that might be used to program a non-electric computer. .walk is the name for the pedestrian software that will be used in the construction of a 'psychogeographical computer' which will use the city as hardware.
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connoisseur by gabor papp
an ironic, conceptual work that apparently gives answers for questions regarding objective perception. in fact, it causes additional confusion that it projects onto the problem itself, actually quierying it essentially. statement:
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dramatic screensaver by Teo Spiller
A Delphi written screensaver for Windows 9x, that is "selfcountioned of itself". It says "if you move your mouse or press a key, you will kill me. There will be another screensavers, looking just like me, but it won't be myself". As a program runs, we call it "a job" and we can "kill" it. Is a program, as we "killed" just going to sleep or did we really kill it and the next time we will run the [...]
[ go to project page ] by Carla Diana is a collection of virtual instruments designed for performance and exploration.
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linguasso by Chris King
linguasso creates random, text-based works of art based on a series of emotions.
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Cybart by coolfool
Random continuous digital art in QBasic
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