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GNU emacs by Richard Stallman
Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.
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From the site: Sweetcode reports innovative free software. "Innovative" means that the software reported here isn't just a clone of something else or a minor add-on to something else or a port of something else or yet another implementation of a widely recognized concept. (These are all perfectly fine and useful things, they're just not what this site is for.) " [...]
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haiku by Danny O'Brien
A script that finds westernised 'haiku'. It's nice to run over familiar texts, and have sentences presented to you in poetic form.
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ap0202.10 by artem baguinski, martin howse
ap0202 makes use of current de-centralized p2p inter-networking technologies to implement multiple self display devices virtually on any networked machine. the environment for the changing code is both the network and the machine on which the software is running cells of code promiscuously modify and are modified by data available to the machine; audio input and output, video, stored information [...]
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NewZoid by Daniel Young
World's only generator of up-to the-minute false news headlines.
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Acme::Handwave by Simon Kent
Acme::Handwave is really just a piece of silliness. It's a perl module which allows you to enter a data structure, and the result you really want your program to return, if you had time to code complicated algorithms. Handwave will dutifully return exactly what you expected to see, allowing you to get on with your coding :)
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TelematicMix by Sejal Chad, Beatrice Gibson, Adrian Ward
Human Capital is a piece of voice [text.sound] composition software [packaged and potentially marketed[?] as a training tool for use by India based teleworkers] that parodies the ‘communication philosophies’ of the call centers, namely their concept of a generic globalised [market?] identity. At the same time the software hopes to explore in its potential for text sound composition the telematic [...]
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Timescape by Reynald Drouhin
Can the Internet be exhibited? 24 hous a day search engines seek pictures on the internet. "Timescape" presents a glimpse into these searches as they happen, in real time. The Timescape landscapes appear as fleeting electronic canvases through an accumulation of random photographic mosaics. The contents of the landscapes are different with every new connection and each time the page is [...]
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Bible (alphabetical order) by Rory Macbeth
This dos app (coded by Ian Macbeth) reorganises the complete text of the bible (in this instance, but any text you give it really) into alphabetical order. Did *you* know that the worlds most popular book has 313 exclamation marks, 56 'slaughters' and 86 instances of the word 'ass'? Without bibalph, how would you ever have found out eh?
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Useless Utilities by saul
A text about software art written in 2000.
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mimic by Jeremy Ruston
Mimic is a dos app written in C. It rants on in the style of any bit of text you provide it with. It is astonishing at how good MIMIC is at making up werds. It came up with the following werds after reading a downloaded version of the subertasifying, jumpetenaity, 'sexy as a bible-top', revolutedly, epressexual, eclection, Cumbrellafield, [...]
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bastards.js by space hijackers
The bastards at (advertising bastards) linked to us as an example of people who are "pushing the boundaries" of marketing. Basically they wanted to look cool, so made out they were "hip" to us, darling. The bastards. We wrote this script to give them a shock at their next pitch where they try that one. [...]
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theBot by Amy Alexander
Bots (or spiders) are the software that follows the links on the web to create the databases for search engines. So bots get to see the narrative of the web... theBot is one such bot - but it works in reverse to reveal and speak the "untold story" of the web. When fed a searchterm by a visitor, theBot performs a search for the word or phrase in a search engine. [...]
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hacking sound in context by alex
Without software, a computer is like a stone. Consider a program that generates organised sound - what could it be but a music score, composed by humans? I suggest that ultimately, software can be nothing but human expression. This paper is an exploration of the relationship between the programmer, the programming environment, and computer music applications.
[ go to project page ] by William Blake (Graham Harwood)
A Perl poem which transcribes William Blake's 19th century poem "London" into program code. Written in 2001, it is one of the very few artistically advanced Perl poems written since the invention of Perl poetry in the early 1990s.
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