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The Search Wall by Mladen Zagorac
The Search Wall is a collaborative tele-interactive Internet art work reflecting what people are searching for on the Internet. Privacy issues almost daily make news and are a large concern for many of the Internet’s users. However, through daily usage of search engines we nevertheless willingly gradually disclose it. [...]
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Breaking The News - Be a News-Jockey by Marc Lee
Just tell us a headline or your favorite words and we'll create a modifiable streaming news-station for you. About NJ (News-Jockey): Friends ask: Could you help me to cook up a news that I'll like? Those questions often evolved into great conversations. Friends told us their favorite headlines, and we in turn created new stories. [...]
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Open News Network (O-N-N) by Marc Lee and Christoph Ganser
The Open News Network (O-N-N) endeavors to bring together the creative and communicative potential of Internet users in order to better represent the opinions of each individual in the media landscape. Going beyond the established frontiers of news distribution and media technologies, members of O-N-N communicate using peer to peer networks to try to get individual opinions established in the [...]
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Al Jazari by Dave Griffiths
A musical game environment for robot livecoding. Al-Jazari was an influential scholar and engineer who lived at the beginning of the 13th century, this project was inspired by his robot musicians who were designed to play at royal drinking parties. Al-Jazari is livecoded entirely by gamepad, and employs a simple graphical language to allow the robots to interact with each other and move over a [...]
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Semantic Disturbances by Agam Andreas
A type of subversion exploiting text-based media. cf:( This work makes use of text generative techniques to present Google definitions assembled and chosen by the author . Textual fragments found on the Web are rearranged, deformed, or crushed to make them appear as an actual text. [...]
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programmed paintings by Denis Santelli
A set of “programmed paintings” where a vocabulary of elaborate plastic forms is animated through an open set of programming rules. This “transformation grammar” allows for a deliberate part of accidents, while taking inspiration from modern scientific models (auto-organizational systems). Each tableau programmé is interactive and reacts to the viewer’s movements. [...]
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promiscuOS by ap/xxxxx
PromiscuOS concerns non-functional artistic generation at socially-implied levels of code and production, favouring promiscuous, leaky code and data over security and division by function or task. The PromiscuOS project proposes the modification and re-distribution of an already existing GNU/Linux operating system with attendant functional applications. [...]
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the wreckers by Dave Miller
The grounding of the MSC Napoli off the Devon coast, and the public looting of washed-up containers on Branscombe Beach, generated huge public debate. Internet articles, forums, blogs were buzzing with the topic. My latest project 'the wreckers' is concerned with the events on Branscombe Beach, and is what I call a 'debate drawing'. [...]
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Time Based Text by Jaromil & Jodi
Emphasis in writing is an additional information in text, as the typing performance can vehicle feelings: mail, blogs and more written media could use this for a "human touch". The implementation is simple, open source and cross platform: Time Based Text.
[ go to project page ] by Garrett Lynch is a cross between a browser and a streaming media player designed to view the internet as it really is, code or more specifically markup, not a series of web pages designed under a print metaphor. It makes no attempt to interpret the code into an organised layout as do conventional browsers, instead it displays the code as an audio-visual stream of indeterminate length. [...]
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WALLRIGHT by Diana Antunes, Flávia Neves, João Filipe, Luis Confraria, Nuno Caldeira
The Wallright project was spawned from the idea that every one of us is an artist. Conceptually speaking, one of the main points to consider is the fact that, traditionally, art is associated with small elites. With this project, so long that we manage to integrate in it an artistic side, we intend to bring the masses closer to a less than common means of expression for most. [...]
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Incorrect Music by Andreja Andric
Where software becomes an art form, software development becomes an art practice. Consequently also code testing and code inspection, as activities towards discovering errors in code, become likewise part of the artistic process, being integral part of software development process. Errors can be catastrophic or just amusing, but sometimes they lead us by a shortcut to secret places we would [...]
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p by Sampath Jagannathan
In p, a bunch of particles interact with each other according to this simple rule: every particle must move towards, away or watch another particle. When the program starts, each particle chooses a random color, position and the particle it will move towards, away or watch. As the program runs, some particles join together to form a train and journey together thereafter. [...]
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GRRF by GRRF (Gaming Response Research Foundation)
A familiar problem: a highly sophisticated piece of software has been developed, but things just don't seem to be going well at the demo...
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Pixel Collaboration by Krista Quick
This is a collaborative peice of net art. For it to work I need as many people as possible to submit their input. Basically people submit how many pixels they want and what color they want them to be. At a certain date I will stop collecting submissions and take all the data and create an image out of it.
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