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Animator vs. Animation II by Alan Becker
A Flash-animated character takes on Flash and a variety of other desktop software - as well as his animator. A contemporary twist on the tradition of cel-animated films in which a character interacts with its creator and the "real" world.
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BetaBlocker by Dave Griffiths
BetaBlocker is a livecoding performance and a piece of software. It's a virtual acid techno machine which is live coded with a gamepad to create code and processes which modify and destroy each other in 256 bytes of memory. The machine's memory and processes are projected and integral to the performance. [...]
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Psych|OS-Generator by UBERMORGEN.COM
The Psych|OS Generator generates diagnoses and creates medical prescriptions. The user can either answer a questionnaire or select a medical condition from the standardized WHO and U.S.A. list of mental illnesses (ICD-10 & DSM IV). The machine then generates a diagnosis and a "prints" a prescription with the list of psychotropic drugs to cure the disease.
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ansinerator by Tamas Kemenczy
Ansinerator is a PHP library that processes ANSI graphics for the web. Ansinerator's primary feature is the ability to generate PNG representations of art drawn in classic ANSI terminal emulation ('ANSI art'), but it also has a robust set of classes that can be used to further generate, manipulate and format ANSI art using an object-oriented workflow with an emphasis on fully integrating the [...]
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Plasma Pong by Steve Taylor
From the author: "PLASMA PONG is a variation of PONG that utilizes real-time fluid dynamics to drive the game environment. Players have several new abilities that add fun twists to the classic game. In the game you can inject plasma fluid into the environment, create a vacuum from your paddle, and blast shockwaves into the playing area. [...]
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calltrace by Adam Marks
calltrace is a live visualization of a running computer program. each box is a function in the code, each line is a function call.
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J B Wock by Eugenio Tisselli
J B Wock is a PHP script that writes his own blog almost every night. The posts generated by J B Wock follow these steps: 1. J B Wock takes a famous quotation from a "Famous Quotes" RSS feed. (this would be the seed of the process) 2. Then he finds synonyms for each of the words in the phrase. This process can happen from one to three times, recursively. ( [...]
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nam shub web 0.1 by jörg piringer
nam shub web is a website processor. it takes the textual content of external websites and applies user defined rules to generate visual poetry out of it. these rules consist of operations that change the text or modify the visual appearance. each set of rules can be stored and published for others to view and alter. however nam shub web does not store any actual content. [...]
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Colorful Tentacle 512b (aka Errors per Second) by nitro2k01
A javascript program which draws a tentacle cycling through all kinds of colors. It's 512 bytes small and was coded in one hour. WARNING! Some browsers, mainly firefox, are too slow to draw this thing correctly, and might hang or slow down your computer if your CPU is slow. (500 MHz and below) Use Opera for guaranteed good speed.
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On Everything by Pall Thayer
"On Everything" generates a real-time audio/visual presentation of everything by appropriating material being shared by the worldwide public in the form of shared images and diaries. The source material is endless, thus the work goes on forever. Material is synthesized, mixed and, ultimately, abstracted, to allow for varied interpretation. " [...]
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Standardized Blog Entry by Soenke Ziesche
This project tries to combine two trends in web publishing for which is it probably not so apparent to combine them: on the one hand the overwhelming popularity of blogging, on the other hand the attempts towards standardized content. Structuring content in such a manner is a means in order to make it understandable by machines which would e.g. support the development of a semantic web. [...]
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FontanaMixer by Karlheinz Essl
FontanaMixer is a generative sound environment based on John Cage's "Fontana Mix" (1958). The original concept of the piece uses a graphical random generator that is supplied with the score. This new version, however, uses realtime sound generation and produces completely unpredictable sonic results which are reflecting Cage's ideas of indeterminacy, chance, and silence.
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SEELEWASCHEN by Karlheinz Essl
SEELEWASCHEN is a generative sound environment which was originally composed by Karlheinz Essl for an outdoor light installation by the German artist Rainer Gottemeier. Using the sound of one single bell stroke as its basic material, the piece unfolds a rich sonic cosmos by a computer program. Taking advantage compositional algorithms that have been developed by Karlheinz Essl since the early [...]
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WebernUhrWerk by Karlheinz Essl
Generative music generator, commemorating his sudden and unexpected death on 15 Sep 1945 as he was accidentially shot dead by an American GI. A program that composes generative Carillon music based on the twelve-tone row of Anton Webern's last composition
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ChucK: Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language by Ge Wang and Perry Cook
ChucK offers a very different and powerful way of thinking about time, parallelism, sound, and the programming thereof. It's easy and fun to learn (even if you haven't programmed before); at the same time, ChucK allows both novice and seasoned programmers to write code that's extremely expressive, flexible, precise (and readable), and in the process, to discover familiar and totally new ways to [...]
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