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C-SPAN KARAOKE by The Interrupting Annotator
FREE SOFTWARE FOR COLLABORATIVE AND CONVIVIAL VIDEO VIEWING C-SPAN KARAOKE displays media that streams from public archives of the website, along with karaoke tunes gleaned from various free offerings on the web. So, gather together with friends and loosen up those vocal cords... While you are navigating the flows of numbing institutional processes, faithfully and invaluably [...]
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EG SERENE by Barbara Lattanzi
EG SERENE is freely available software by Barbara Lattanzi. It is based on the 1970 film, Serene Velocity, by the artist Ernie Gehr. EG SERENE is available for the improvising of digital video in real-time. The software adopts and "open sources" the structure of the 1970 film as the basis for temporal reconstruction of your own selected digital videos in quicktime movie format. [...]
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