34 North 118 West
Jeremy Hight Jeff Knowlton Naomi Spellman

"34 North 118 West" is a live computer based interactive narrative situated in downtown Los Angelesí warehouse district. Itís a marriage of high-tech and story telling that uses a GPS device, Tablet PC, headphones and custom software to determine the viewers whereabouts and deliver story components based on the usersí location.

In this work, participants walk the streets of Los Angeles with a GPS device attached to a tablet computer.
The user sees a map of downtown Los Angeles on the screen. Faintly visible on the map are "hot spots" - the trigger points for the story segments performed by voice actors. The triggers for ambient sounds are hidden, left to be discoverd. The data triggers or "hot spots" are set along points in the physical city by latitude and longitude

As the viewer navigates the city streets she hears the voices and activities of people who lived and worked in the area: a cook on 3rd street, a railroad worker on Sante Fe or a child at the corner of Stephenson and Hewitt. The terrain becomes interface, and the participantís movement acts as input.

project homepage: http://34n118w.net
keywords: Mapping-lingo-interface-installation-hardware-
category: artistic tool/narrative
uploaded by jeff_Knowlton, 04 Mar 2003

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