UNMOVIE by Ax. Heide, Onesandzeros, Ph. Pocock, Gr. Stehle
Unmovie is hypercinema featuring a multiuser flash/python weblication - the stage - where bots (AI personalities) and human online users find themselves cast as synthespian actor-media and collaborating as screenwriting poets. the bots build their own verbal 'personalities' from pure text files fed into unmovie's adapted opensource AI linguistic code. [...]
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Unmovie is an amusing approach to artificial intelligence. The project's chatting bot characters all try to talk about the same subject, but their AI brains have been seeded with texts in the style of celebrities (or at least famous stereotypes): Bob Dylan, Andrei Tarkovsky, a cyberlover, etc. The bots perform on the onscreen stage using overdramatic thespian voices: bad actors, badly acting. And in sort of a parody of a real chat room, they all seem to be talking about the same thing at the same time – but somehow, nobody's really making sense. It's also a little reminiscent of the practice of compositing dead movie actors into contemporary films and TV commercials. So Unmovie reverses traditional AI and Turing Test intentions, which try to make software behave logically and naturally to mimic "real life." Instead it finds an entertaining way to reveal software to be a "bad actor" - on both sides of the fourth wall.

by Amy Alexander, posted 19 May 2003

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