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Acme::Bleach by Damian Conway
A Perl module which "bleaches" the Perl source code it is put in by turning it into whitespace code (while still maintaining its functionality).
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f*ck f*ck by Chilliwilli (MrThomasRathboneEsq)
An offspring of the "Brainfuck" programming language (see read_me entry) using censored four-letter-words as its instruction set: f**k Increment the pointer. s**g Decrement the pointer. b**b Increment the byte at the pointer. t**s Decrement the byte at the pointer. c**k Output the byte at the pointer. [...]
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Acme::EyeDrops by Andrew J. Savige
Several software projects exist to convert various media to ASCII art: images, television, even video games. But what about software itself? A parody on Visual Programming, Acme::EyeDrops removes all the normal text from a Perl script and converts the script to an ASCII art image - yet the ASCII-ized version of the software actually runs and maintains the same functionality as the [...]
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