Go-Logo by Eric Londaits
In the future, the only way to be heard will be having a flashy logo, a catchy tune, and your own pop star endorsement. And I don't just mean for corporations... family dinner conversations will actually be like this as well. Go-Logo will be the basic survival kit for that future. Just enter a word (or two or three words, but not much more) and Go-Logo will instantly create a random unique [...]
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"Go Logo" by Eric Londaits is the winning idea of Solaas's contest . It was implemented in an incredibly short time period: a little more than two weeks. "Go Logo" makes its audience even more aware of logos’ omnipresence and aesthetics: one of the logos generated by "Go Logo" when it was presented in Dortmund turned out to be an almost exact copy of the logo of the hotel at which the Readme 100 participants and organizers were staying.

Amy Alexander, Olga Goriunova

by admin, posted 15 Feb 2006

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