Eric Londaits

In the future, the only way to be heard will be having a flashy logo, a catchy tune, and your own pop star endorsement. And I don't just mean for corporations... family dinner conversations will actually be like this as well.
Go-Logo will be the basic survival kit for that future.
Just enter a word (or two or three words, but not much more) and Go-Logo will instantly create a random unique logotype that is sure to capture your audiences.

This project is the winning idea of Outsource me! contest.

Its production in the framework of Outsource me! was comissioned by the software art factory Readme 100 in Dortmund 2005. It is presented in the resulting publication: Readme 100 Temporary Software Art Factory, Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany, 2005.

feature about this project: Go-Logo

project homepage: http://solaas.com.ar/gologo/
keywords: social-identity-decorative-subversive-market-
design-capitalism software for the Internet
category: generative art/algorithmic design
uploaded by o, 15 Feb 2006

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