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SineClock by Douglas Irving Repetto
SineClock is an ambient sound installation for the desktop. It uses slight differences in the frequencies of sinewaves to aurally encode the time of day.
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MPF by imbecil
MPF (stands for MPeg Fucker) is a small shell script that does just what the name says: it fucks MP3 audio files. And what's more, it does so by using a silly but effective process: it converts the MP3 file into text, messes the text file, and then it switches it back to MP3, with the obvious audio transformation. There are two versions, with slightly different output. [...]
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iTunes Signature Maker by Jason Freeman
iTunes Signature Maker analyzes your iTunes music collection to create a short sonic signature representing who you are and what you listen to. Once you open the software inside of your web browser and set a few parameters, iTSM will combine data tracked by Apple's iTunes software with its own spectral audio analysis routines, selecting small segments of audio from your favorite songs and [...]
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CodeSounding by Roberto Mannai
The primary goal of CodeSounding is to make it possible to hear the sound of execution of a Java software, assigning instruments / pitches to programming statements (if, for, etc), so that the flowing of execution could be played as a flow of music. Several audio synthesis engines can be used: JMusic, ABC, JSyn, Max/MSP, Pure Data, Jack Server Audio. [...]
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Code Organ by DLKW
Reminiscent of some projects by software artists ca. 2005, Code Organ is getting mass exposure in 2010 via Twitter. Interesting example of software art ideas trickling out into the mainstream.
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CodeSounding by Roberto Mannai
CodeSounding is an open source sonification framework which makes possible to hear how any existing Java program "sounds like", by assigning instruments and pitches to code statements (if, for, etc) and playing them as they are executed at runtime. In this way the flowing of execution is played as a flow of music and its rhythm changes depending on user interaction.
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