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Matrix Laptop Wall by Boris P., Klaus Markowski
Eine Serie von ›Apple 1400 Powerbook Computern‹ aufgestellt in Reihen zu 5 Stück, bildet mehrere kurze Filmsequenzen ab. Die ›Matrix‹ entsteht durch das Zusammenspiel der Monitore und der Interaktivität des Publikums, das auf Stimmungen reagiert und die Sequenzen mithilfe der Tastatur beeinflussen kann. [...]
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final_adjustment by Aristarkh Chernyshev
the project's goal: the final release of the television from the directive psychological effect and burden of sense, the deconstruction of the information flow and its further use in decorative purposes, giving the consumer the possibility to manipulate the TV-signal, i.e. the actual creation of the product of a new type that allows to consume tv-products offered by tv-companies in a distorted [...]
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Movie Mincer by Sergey Teterin
An old soviet mincer is used as a laptop-connected device to manually generated video streams (mincer > laptop > beamer > screen).Movie mincer allows to show motion pictures by turning the mincer's handle reviving and paroding the atmosphere of the first performances from the very dawn of cinema era. [...]
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dot_matrix_synth by Paul Slocum
A 1985 Epson LQ-500 dot matrix printer turned into a musical instrument by reprogramming its EPROM. The author's band, Tree Wave, performs with the printer live - it prints patterns while playing music.
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Story Teller by Tom Jennings
"Obsolete forgery, historical fiction, a concrete realization of a lie. Story Teller tells tales stored on tape, via speech, text on paper, a semi-translucent spectacle of mediation and machinery. It is a system of cooperative but independent devices, mechanisms, and mechanical contrivances, of ambiguous age and origin. Externally, is speaks, prints, draws and writes. [...]
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Symphony for dot matrix printers by [The User] Thaddeus Thomas
The Symphony for dot matrix printers is a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance. The Symphony focuses the listener's attention on a nearly forgotten technology: the dot-matrix printer. Specifically, it employs the noises the printers make as the sole sound source for a musical composition. [...]
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Tempest for Eliza by Erik Thiele
What is it ? ------------ Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer generated music in your radio. this document first describes tempest for eliza, the old program that plays music like your cellphone does when you get a phonecall. [...]
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