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Reamweaver by The Yes Men SPIT
Hello website fan! Reamweaver has everything you need to instantly "funhouse-mirror" anyone's website, copying the real-time "look and feel" but letting you change any words, images, etc. that *you* choose.
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Homeland Insecurity Advisory System by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
The Homeland Insecurity Advisory System (HIAS) is a public rating system that allows people from across the globe to determine the US Government's Threat Level by collectively rating RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) feeds from major US news sources. Turning the "Homeland Security" threat level on its head, the HIAS system will allow the people to collaboratively challenge this [...]
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Open News Network (O-N-N) by Marc Lee and Christoph Ganser
The Open News Network (O-N-N) endeavors to bring together the creative and communicative potential of Internet users in order to better represent the opinions of each individual in the media landscape. Going beyond the established frontiers of news distribution and media technologies, members of O-N-N communicate using peer to peer networks to try to get individual opinions established in the [...]
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