Connector by ixi-software
Connector is a tool that functions as an algorithmic catalyst. It has two important sides: Sound and MIDI. The instrument can play sound only, midi only or both at the same time. You define a system of connectors that all have their individual properties. When the system has been set up, you can create an "actor" that will travel through the system and trigger sound and midi when it enters a new [...]
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The social meaning of music has radically changed through XX century, music has to a large extent lost its ritual and metaphysical functions. Artists have freed themselves from former social constraints to be enslaved by new, technological ones. It is hardly a coincidence that all the achievements in the development of music in the last years have been related to sound. Now the frontline seems to be moving toward the sphere of the interface, and ixi are among the pioneers in this field. Connector opens the world of algorithmic music creation to the masses. It fully celebrates the idea expressed by its creators, as well as Kim Cascone and Alex McLean, whereby the tool becomes equal to the music it produces. Through Connector the process of music creation turns into a meditative reshuffling and reconnecting of pattern blocks, as well as adjustment of assigned parameters. This process is a performance in itself. There are not too many parameters involved, so the limits of the system are very obvious, which can only be a good thing. The user is not lost in a maze of numerous sliders, buttons and indicators, as she follows the options provided by the programmers of Connector, and thus a collaborative piece is born. Ixi delegate their creativity to this piece of software, leaving no way of getting rid of their participation while playing with Connector. But - you can always change the tool.

by Alexei Shulgin, posted 06 Jun 2003

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