Kraut v0.9 by John Sparks
English: Kraut is a lexical converter like Jive and Valspeak, which everyone is most likely familiar with. It takes normal (English) text and converts it into text with a German accent. For example, this was normal text that was run through Kraut (see below for the kraut version). Disclaimer: Kraut is intended as humor only. [...]
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Kraut is a lexical converter, which converts English text into text with a German accent. It is easy to surmise that this triggers a lot of negative reactions, as the author states so clearly his non-nationalistic position in the introductory text, to the extent that he uses the private facts of his genealogy to prove his good intentions. But this only serves to illustrate what happens outside the computer world (as well as inside it). One can face a lot of nationalist sentiment in the streets and one’s private affairs, notwithstanding that Western society is otherwise superficially politically correct. Anyone focusing on the extreme end of nationalistic attitudes and emphasizing their mere existence gets condemned as if he or she has invented something which is non-existent.

Kraut can take you this far in this train of thought. However, it is not the only interpretation possible. Kraut can also be seen as a comment on the dominance of English, especially in the digital domain. You will be surprised to know that a Russian font is not currently available in the Mac OS X.

And finally, Kraut can be seen as a mere humorous piece. It is a useful training tool, if you have difficulties understanding Germans speaking English, for instance.

by Olga Goriunova, posted 13 May 2003

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