Movie Mincer by Sergey Teterin
An old soviet mincer is used as a laptop-connected device to manually generated video streams (mincer > laptop > beamer > screen).Movie mincer allows to show motion pictures by turning the mincer's handle reviving and paroding the atmosphere of the first performances from the very dawn of cinema era. [...]
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Movie Mincer

Featured by Hans Bernhard [Ubermorgen & Etoyholding].

the movie mincer is a classical meat mincer connected to a laptop. if you turn the handle of the mincer a movie starts to play on the laptop. dot. now. melting historical soviet hardware with digital technology creates a strange situation. although we are all constantly confronted by mechanic, digital and organic interfacing, this brilliant contemporary soviet hardware and russian uberhardware transformation brings it up right in our faces. rough mechanics and historical film, 01ed through an intel-chip. it lets us feel the schizophrenic situation. rotation and bitflows, fake liquidity of images and real smoothness of meat mincing are pure emotions and parts of our neurological and vegetative systems. our children have learned to play with steel connected to pseudo-intelligent machines. heavy metal. the movie mincer [mm] is much more a product of a post-rock n' roll-generation than of a techno influenced lifestyle-cult. in the beginning it is a rough, direct and very unsophisticated method of generating emotions, fame and money, but then after a while it turns out that it is a actually a highly sophisticated method. we have to wait and watch teterin develop in the next decades. now let me "jump" back from genius to hardware again: the mm is an old-style standard device [play-pause-back-fwd-scratch-speed-change-videoswitch-stop] to make pictures move. connected to a laptop it becomes a "deadly competitive product within the range of expensive veejay hardware". the mincer turns, the laptop plays, the beamer beams and the screen glows. imagine type no. 10 with an output of kg/h 45 by turning the handle in each direction, a special mm-movie comes alive. each clip represents a set of .jpeg or .wbmp pictures projected in series. mm-movies are silent. factsheet closed. the mm can be received as a "fun" product, but i think it is. there are many people out there having lotza pleasure with mechanical toys. with the mm you can physically crush the images together, mince them into a blurry stream of pictures and abuse any kind of visual material with a big & heavy tool. and for all the poor boring, contemporary labtop vjs, 10 years -even 20 years- too late, here is your long desired instrument. you can physically manipulate your material with pleasure and step into the ring to compete with the arrogant and autistic djs; just don't forget the music. before crossing the finish line, here some background facts and important numbers: movie mincer was invented and executed by teterin and developed by korotaev in city no. 21 - perm in the urals. they are both gratuates from school no. 136. the original mincers were produced 1972 in the central part of the republic of udmurtia -in the city no. 14 called izhevsk- in the izhevsk ironware plant [mincers & firearms], the soviet-factory with the official plant no. 355.

by hans bernhard, posted 14 Nov 2004

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