connoisseur by gabor papp
an ironic, conceptual work that apparently gives answers for questions regarding objective perception. in fact, it causes additional confusion that it projects onto the problem itself, actually quierying it essentially. statement:
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You might see this merely as a funny joke, but it also looks increasingly like an inevitable future. If machines create artistic product, then why not use other machines to evaluate it? Polyphonic HMI ( already offers a similar service in music evaluation: nothing less then "proprietary music analysis technologies capable of identifying music preferences of a user or the whole current recorded music market and intelligently selecting music to recommend to the user or to release as a single." A large portion of contemporary art is created only for art critics and rotates exclusively inside the art system. One can therefore easily imagine that a substantial part of all future art will be created, consumed and evaluated by machines, leaving people outside the loop. Is there anybody out there willing to write an interface between connoisseur and AARON (, the AI-driven virtual painter?

by Alexei Shulgin, posted 17 May 2003

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