discomus.exe by Anonymous
A small DOS program that makes your floppy drive play Russian folk song "Chizhik-Pyzhik" karaoke-style. Usage (command line): discomus <drive>
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Playing music on a floppy drive can be compared to writing poetry with an electric iron. Discomus symbolizes the victory of the human being over the machine, as it performs a task that was not never planned or even imagined by its fathers-engineers. Discomus is even more exciting as the performed task is much more complicated than driving nails into a plank with a mobile phone, for instance. Discomus has a quality of childish ingenuousness and does not have any pretensions toward being an important artistic work – it is art which doesn't know it's art. And thus, it is a manifestation of the ultimate artistic freedom. The delight that envelops the user when the program is launched can be compared to the rapture of a child who finds out that a shoe-polish jar fits exactly into the pipe of a vacuum cleaner.

By Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova

by Olga Goriunova, posted 06 Jun 2003

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