God's Eye by Sintron
God's Eye is a software program capable of creating every image in the universe by serially simulating "God's Eye", thus giving the viewer the possibility of seeing everything that has happened, will happen, and all the parallel worlds in between. The program uses a linear algorithm to generate each image on a 800x600 screen at the rate of 97,000 images per second on a 155MHz computer. [...]
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God's Eye

Sintron is a master hypnotist and software engineer. His software is being used by NASA to manage the workflow of the International Space Station. His portable, automated memory-implantation pods may soon be featured on the ships of a major cruise line. His child-molester T-shirt company was voted the best business plan by a business-school entrepreneurship class. He successfully fomented paranoia and fear in a small New York town, revealed his role, then challenged the town to a boxing match, pretending great skill at the sport; the first punch knocked him cold. Sintron's current main collaborator is Ted Kaczynski, with whom he has maintained a correspondence for several years.

God's Eye, one of Sintron's few software pieces, sequentially displays all permutations of the pixels of an 800x600 screen--in other words, every possible image, ever, period.

By The Yes Men

by andy, posted 06 Jun 2003

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