NEW WEBSITE COMBINES ONLINE GAMING AND .NET ACTIVISM TO HELP IRAQI CIVILIAN CASUALTIES A new website that uses the power of internet gambling to raise money for civilian casualties of a US-led war against Iraq. The premise of the game is simple: visitors to place $5.00 bets on when the war will begin. [...]
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A group of Texas oilmen and their mascot come to control the White House; in office, they do what they did in Texas. In addition, they achieve marked victories over two developing nations: one a haven for the violently angry and in the way of an oil pipeline, the other ruled by a fairly awful regime that has nationalized its 15% of the world's oil. Their project is quite predictable (it has been in the works since 2000, and maybe much earlier), but there is some "wiggle room": the precise hour and date of their strike, for example. uses this margin of uncertainty to raise money for the victims of the strike, by providing a forum for betting on the date and hour the "war" will "begin."

By The Yes Men

by andy, posted 12 May 2003

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