Microswapper by Carl - Micromusic
this microswapper was activated to make dull chats a thing of the past! the fresh_&_funky microtalk experienze! Microswapper[TM] swapped the following list of words in the microtalk [simple java-message pop-up chat on micromusic.net] messages from 2003-03-19 to 2003-05-19: bomb <-> cake war <-> sex terror <-> funk bin laden <-> stockhausen bitch <-> beeotch [...]
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Featured by Hans Bernhard [Ubermorgen & Etoyholding].

microswapper was a fresh_funky_&_juicy microtalk manipulation with deep-sea flair. the microswapper uses the microtalk [javascript chat-system] of the micromusic [mm] online communicty. the microtalk is the most heavily used community tool [70K messages per month]. the swapper-service was activated in september 2001 and was running for a 2 month period. the ms was a software art action initiated after the 9/11 wtc communication and hardware super-gau. the mm-community was officially informed about the activation of the perverse microswapper. now. the function: microswapper simply swapped [exchanged] predefined words [list of words underneath] within the microtalk message-system with a ultra-simple php-script. the consequence: smooth and normal chat-communication was slightly interrupted or changed. over time, the number of words -and therefore the intensity of the interruption- was increased. it was started with a set of 10 words [low-intensity] and then constantly pushed up to a set of up to 40 words. the disruption of the fluid communication process was experienced by the user in many different ways. but most users were having a strange feeling of slight disruption of reality, sort of like a 1/1000th-of-a-second-lsd-trip. a strange aura of insecurity remained in the aftermath of of chat-com. the mm-community obviously did not really appreciate it. right after the microswapper [ms] was started the first users called in with complaints about the talk-software -although they were all properly informed-. most users understood the artistic approach but were not really willing to let the art penetrate their daily business -their talk with their lover, producer, musician or friend-. the position of software art in our "ach-so-digital" society: yes, we like software art, we like art! but it has to stay where it belongs to: in a museum or an online repository, so everybody knows this is art and the eyes and the mind can be tuned into art-viewing-and-receiving-modus. this seems to be the philosophy of the majority of the digital folks. be honest, would you like me to parse your email and exchange a little important word here and a nice sentence or a name there? image your email and now read the list of selected words used during the microswapper action [these are very low-key, very soft word-swaps]: idm <-> progressive rock ; samples <-> pr0n ; hello <-> i want to marry you ; sony <-> atari ; web <-> www ; nature the network ; micro <-> lsd ; music <-> vibrations ; na ja <-> raeusper ; sorry <-> fuck you! ; i <-> myself ; :) <-> ;:&%$§$§((§$;$/(( ; disco <-> glitter ; vote <-> buy ; chat <-> networking is [means] not working ; kim wilde <-> america ; budget <-> savoir vivre ; piece <-> smoke a joint ; john <-> ; freddy mercury ; lektrogirl<-> freddy mercury ; dsl <-> digital subscriber line ; cubase <-> ascii cubase ; gba <-> led ; shock <-> fuck ; kraftwerk <=> black sabbath ; bomb <=> cake ; war <=> sex ; terror <=> funk ; bin laden <=> stockhausen ; bye, cu <=> god bless america. microswapper was inspired by "insert_coin" -a project from alvar freude and drx dragan espenschied- a real-time web-content exchange software and WORDWAR, a early online-text-sampling project by etoy.BRAINHARD.

by hans bernhard, posted 14 Nov 2004

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