n_Gen Design Machine by Move Design
The n_Gen Design Machine is graphic design software that generates savable image files from the user's own text content filtered through n_Gen's Design Modules. It's the new tool graphic designers don't want you to know about!
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n_Gen Design Machine

n_Gen is a program that generates design automatically and can thus be compared to other programs that generate music (Band-in-a-Box), texts (Postmodernism generator), poetry (Poem of the Masses), and images (AARON). We could tie this phenomenon to the concept of the postmodern End among other things if it were not for the specific end product of this program.
Its peculiarity lies in the role design plays in contemporary society. Design is an important element of the capitalist machinery as it is an exclusively commercial sphere with a huge turnover. In design, the mass-scale borrowing of ideas and repetition is common though many designers have self-identities of brilliant artists.
n_Gen represents a potential threat to this society, as it questions the existence and the value of this massive class of designers. That is why we doubt that the existing beta-version with limited functionality will ever be developed into a fully functional product meeting existing polygraphy standards.
n_Gen poses many questions about the nature of design. Is design a process that can be highly automated? To what extent is it a creative process, and how much of it is based on repetition and borrowing? What is the relationship between the technological and the artistic in design?

By Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova

by Olga Goriunova, posted 06 Jun 2003

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