os_anm by slateford
os_anm is a lo-resolution pixel animation tool. It is partly based on two 'old time' digital media: the lo-resolution of early computer terminals and 'teletext' [a digital information system available on British television channels], and the command-line interface of UNIX and DOS. It takes the functional limitations which characterised the look and feel of such systems as conscious aesthetic [...]
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Os_anm is another project which takes us back to a recent digital past, the adolescence of digital art, when lines and forms were simple and so much could be expressed with limited resources. Old low-tech aesthetics was quickly replaced by the new one without any of its apparatus being fully experienced, explored or appreciated. New generations of digital artists keep turning back to low-tech, and not only for nostalgic reasons. The paradoxical and widely known fact is that artists forced to work within a restricted (in this case technologically) space often produce more interesting results then artists who are 'completely free'. And for some reason Os_anm is much more appealing and semantically rich then "fat" 3D animations, in the same way that rope-walking is more interesting than walking on the ground.

By Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova

by Olga Goriunova, posted 06 Jun 2003

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