Rotten Flesh by Jeff Epler
This software is a parody of, a site that announces software releases. It uses the dada engine
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Rotten Flesh

The antithesis of, rotten flesh highlights the genericity endemic in the "Open Source community."
Rottenflesh is a satirical attack on, an index of free software and a major Open Source institution. The big problem with is that it's inflicted daily with piles of half-brained nonsense; broken MP3 taggers, dodgy CGI scripts and (of course) software to manage your video collection. There is plenty of good software there too, but it often drowns in the muck.
So go to
Browse the point releases of obscurely-named applications, their menubars and theme systems described as distinguishing marks, their recent change history hinting at feverish, over-caffeinated brains locked away in student digs for long, long nights of unbound hacking.
Then open up as a comparison. Wish that some of those free software authors took note of rotten flesh before thinking about what they should contribute to the world. Hope also that they aren't discouraged totally from working their keyboards to more productive ends.

by Alex McLean, posted 06 Jun 2003

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