Whitespace by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
Most modern programming languages do not consider white space characters (spaces, tabs and newlines) syntax, ignoring them, as if they weren't there. We consider this to be a gross injustice to these perfectly friendly members of the character set. Should they be ignored, just because they are invisible? Whitespace is a language that seeks to redress the balance. [...]
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Invisibile Programming

Featured by Alessandro Ludovico.

Building a programming language is an exquisite linguistic work (not considering the technical aspects). A work like this implies the necessity of open views and enough abstraction attitudes to efficiently describing the processes (the reality) with the implemented structures (the words), and their rules (the grammar).
Whitespace is an out of ordinary programming language, that focuses its structure on blank spaces, or what the other languages (as C++, Java, Perl and Scheme for example) completely ignore. Tabs and Returns are also used, as other key combinations that involve the spacebar. The compiler is written in Haskell and works fine on the most popular platforms. Apart from the idea's eccentricity, this approach on one hand reverses the 'more visible' = 'more important' equation, giving significance and dignity to all the invisible characters. But a bigger tribute is given to another crucial concept: the invisibility of code. Whitespace reflects this concept in its own representation scheme, so even the code disappears in its own symbols. The machine is then even more shaped as a 'black box' and its running instructions becomes transparent souls wandering about the incorporeal space of its software mind.

by admin, posted 14 Nov 2004

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