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windows poetry performance linux dangerous post-dotcom plagiaristic parodyware hackerly beos posix philosophical obfuscated found_object algorithmic political perl mac educational abuse metaphorical subversive sound minimalistic virus terrorism email automation lowtech eccentric on-line hoax lingo pop_culture body musical interactive speech open_source conceptual remix psychiatric literary formalist ascii porn java efficient violence passionate ironic countercultural trivial text_manipulation gadgety semantic deconstructive interface sexy anti_information subjectivity surveillance criticism goofy dada identity 1990s dysfunctional talking automata turing generative voice realtime taskbar meme synesthesia disturbing performative desktop scary noisy relaxing simulation capitalism chaos video

Slicer, ixi-software
DOGS, Sintron
Actionist Respoke (Passivist Destroke), Michael Janoschek & Rüdiger Schlömer
f*ck f*ck, Chilliwilli (MrThomasRathboneEsq)
smaster, erational
VBapp, Alan Sondheim
iSee, Institute for Applied Autonomy
BUSH BOT 0.4, rovebotics
Scream, Amy Alexander/
GRRF, GRRF (Gaming Response Research Foundation)

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