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minimalistic by Paul Camacho
minimalistic: a tiny 8x8 pixel graphic file (in PNG format) meta-programs the computer's graphics rendering subsystem to produce a work of optical art. Execution is performed by using the graphics file as the desktop wallpaper or background, with the sizing/tiling attribute set to "stretch".
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Pixel Computer by Paul Camacho
For those that liked Brainf*ck, you'll love this: Visual Brainf*ck! Test your wits, try to create a pixel pattern that will animate itself. Based on Brainf*ck, really MUST HAVE! PixelComputer: a study on how software we create in turn meta-programs our patterns of behaviour through our haptic memory. [...]
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Victor by Paul Camacho
Victor creates synthetic art based on game theory algorithms. Victor is dedictated to Victor Vaserely, who in 1968 first envisioned "a machine that could create art". Victor can synthesize different op-art styles, also Mondrian's compositional style. The Beta running in 2000, Victor was first publicly displayed at NetArt 2001 during the ARCO in Barcelona as ASP code. [...]
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Victor ASP by Paul Camacho
ASP Internet op-art generator. This is the original work shown at the ARCO NetArt Festival in Barcelona 2001.
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