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description: mindware, visual (self)stimulation pattern additional keywords: frequency following response, high, clear screen, digital happiness, esc edit: check pink boxes to build sequences, use keys x, y and mouse to reposition attention: if you have epilepsy or visual photosensitivity, please do not use the software.
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club.ware by christina goestl and boris kopeinig
club.ware is a project between software art and club visuals by electronic media artists christina goestl and boris kopeinig. technologically speaking club.ware consists of word libraries and scripts that generate word streams. editing word libraries is one crucial part of the project. we're not doing automated dictionary lookup or anything like this. [...]
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op-sys by
K    K    K    K
W    W    W    W
R  > C    C    C
G    G    G    G
B    B  > M    M
Y    Y    Y    Y
C    C    C    C
M    M    M  > K

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sub set by
generate two random strings, create a new string based on common characters

.sgh[u][c][z]qbg[p] .[p]ta[z]nelmvj[u]e[c]

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tmp sys FLOAT by
tmp sys, algorithmic visual system represented on screen is a group of (data) objects, each visualizing two variables. one variable holds the number of time units the object is displayed on screen. the second variable acts as a counter. if values are equal, a new random vaule is asigned to variable one and the counter reset. the program generates visual patterns. < [...]
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