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Drunk Eliza by Daniel Temkin
Eliza is a proto-chatbot, first written in 1966. She mimics a Rogerian psychotherapist, using simple pattern recognition and a short list of responses to carry on a conversation. Her creator, Joseph Weizebaum, was surprised and disturbed by how quickly users ascribed a personality to her even though they knew she was software. [...]
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Light Pattern by Daniel Temkin
Light Pattern is a programming language which uses a series of photos, rather than text, as source code. Only the dominant color of each image, along with aperture and shutter speed settings, are considered by the compiler. The demands of the individual program creates a tension with the photographs made to fill that role. [...]
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Velato by Daniel Temkin
Velato is a programming language which uses MIDI files as source code: the pattern of notes determines commands. Velato offers an unusual challenge to programmer-musicians: to compose a musical piece that, in addition to expressing their aims musically, fills the constraints necessary to compile to a working Velato program. [...]
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