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34 North 118 West by Jeremy Hight Jeff Knowlton Naomi Spellman
"34 North 118 West" is a live computer based interactive narrative situated in downtown Los Angeles’ warehouse district. It’s a marriage of high-tech and story telling that uses a GPS device, Tablet PC, headphones and custom software to determine the viewers whereabouts and deliver story components based on the users’ location. [...]
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Right As Rain by Jeremy Hight Jeff Knowlton Naomi Spellman
“Right as Rain” is a live data driven narrative. It utilizes current online weather information in 23 cities. The user chooses from a list of cities. Temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity are relayed to the text engine, which updates our Narrative according to these changes. For example, barometric pressure may influence stress-related details in the text, temperature may influence [...]
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