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Babyloner by Ivan Bachev
Babyloner is a soundtoy that retrieves audio files of spoken words in different languages from the website and plays them... Babyloner uses already existing database, and it lives from it, if the database "dies" Babyloner dies too, unless it finds another database.....
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EI by Ivan Bachev
? this tool is to "re"-"context"-"plunder", so why not just browse your folder with the mp3 files, and start playing with this "ei". pass through the loaded file, dis or re order it, and thus create something new out of it... references: за "еи" на български тук: [...]
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STICKYPHONE by flu/navn
STICKYPHONE is a sound-toy to record and publish on-line audio messages. Every next message overwrites the previously stored one. Evry audio message has embeded ID3? information on it's author and date of creation. In contrast to the other messaging tools, here you have only one file which content is updateable from evryone. [...]
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