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Al Jazari by Dave Griffiths
A musical game environment for robot livecoding. Al-Jazari was an influential scholar and engineer who lived at the beginning of the 13th century, this project was inspired by his robot musicians who were designed to play at royal drinking parties. Al-Jazari is livecoded entirely by gamepad, and employs a simple graphical language to allow the robots to interact with each other and move over a [...]
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BetaBlocker by Dave Griffiths
BetaBlocker is a livecoding performance and a piece of software. It's a virtual acid techno machine which is live coded with a gamepad to create code and processes which modify and destroy each other in 256 bytes of memory. The machine's memory and processes are projected and integral to the performance. [...]
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fluxus by dave griffiths
fluxus is a 3D live coding environment for graphical performance. the scheme code is written overlayed on the same window as the rendered output, this way the software code is visible as it is being created during a performance.
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naked on pluto by Aymeric Mansoux, Marloes de Valk & Dave Griffiths
Naked on Pluto proposes a playful yet disturbing online game world, developed with Free/ Libre Open Source Software, which parodies the insidiously invasive traits of much “social software”. The city of “Elastic Versailles” is animated by the quirky combinatorial logics of a community of fifty seven AI bots that glean Facebook data from subscribers to the game.
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noise pattern by dave griffiths
a musical sequencer operated by live programming of formal grammars (an l system) to produce strings of text that are, in turn, interpreted as musical scores. the project itself also represents the use of a cvs repository as an artists workshop, where code is developed without releases, but tagged by it's use, so that each performance of the code can be captured as a snapshot of a continuous [...]
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quagmire by Dave Griffiths
An art project where drawings draw themselves. Quagmire is an emulation of an impossible 8bit processor, where all memory is addressed in 2 dimensions, and is represented by pixel value. Program execution threads can run up, down, left or right. Sections of code are visible in memory, as are the processes as they run. [...]
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