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CueJack by Cue P. Doll
CueJack is a software application that lets you scan a product with a :CueCat scanner, then displays a web page with "alternative information" about the product's company. It's a software parody, or "parodyware." Windows version linked here - source code and Linux version available at
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Reamweaver by The Yes Men SPIT
Hello website fan! Reamweaver has everything you need to instantly "funhouse-mirror" anyone's website, copying the real-time "look and feel" but letting you change any words, images, etc. that *you* choose.
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Various CueCat Hacks by Various Authors
The CueCat was a promotional barcode scanner distributed for free to magazine subscribers and electronics store customers in the U.S. in 2000/2001. Consumers were instructed to hook up the device to their home computer, then use the CueCat to scan barcodes on products and print ads - in order to be taken directly to websites advertising the products. [...]
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