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bastards.js by space hijackers
The bastards at (advertising bastards) linked to us as an example of people who are "pushing the boundaries" of marketing. Basically they wanted to look cool, so made out they were "hip" to us, darling. The bastards. We wrote this script to give them a shock at their next pitch where they try that one. [...]
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Bible (alphabetical order) by Rory Macbeth
This dos app (coded by Ian Macbeth) reorganises the complete text of the bible (in this instance, but any text you give it really) into alphabetical order. Did *you* know that the worlds most popular book has 313 exclamation marks, 56 'slaughters' and 86 instances of the word 'ass'? Without bibalph, how would you ever have found out eh?
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mimic by Jeremy Ruston
Mimic is a dos app written in C. It rants on in the style of any bit of text you provide it with. It is astonishing at how good MIMIC is at making up werds. It came up with the following werds after reading a downloaded version of the subertasifying, jumpetenaity, 'sexy as a bible-top', revolutedly, epressexual, eclection, Cumbrellafield, [...]
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Useless Utilities by saul
A text about software art written in 2000.
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