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Map-o-matix by Yves Degoyon / Sergio Moreno / Jaume Nualart and more
Map-o-matix is a collaborative environment for creating and editing maps, the maps can contain physical elements ( oils ressources, telecomunication antenas, ...) as well as abstract ones ( human organisations, web sites, rss, ... ) and relations between these entities. Behind this tool is the idea of editing and publishing tactical maps, maps that are not only physical but also the maps of [...]
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PDP / PiDiP Is Definitely In Pieces by Tom Schouten & Yves Degoyon
Pdp/pidip is a video extension package for pure data ( ) that includes high-level objects like an ASCII art renderer, a color tracker, a motion detector as well as more algorithmic objects like chebysheff or biquad filters. It supports video streaming in most common internet formats : asf, mpeg, mpg,... [...]
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