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A/V Mixer by Eduardo Sousa
A simple audio and video mixer in Flash.
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Bork by Opera Software
Web browser that distorts MSN website ( in a funny way. Background is here.
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Dasher by David MacKay, Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory
Dasher is an information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures.
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Dictionaraoke by Snoogles
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Main Entry: dic·tio·nar·a·o·ke Pronunciation: 'dik-sh&-"ner-A-O-ke Definition: Audio clips from online dictionaries sing the hits of yesterday and today. The fun of karaoke meets the word power of the dictionary.
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Kraut v0.9 by John Sparks
English: Kraut is a lexical converter like Jive and Valspeak, which everyone is most likely familiar with. It takes normal (English) text and converts it into text with a German accent. For example, this was normal text that was run through Kraut (see below for the kraut version). Disclaimer: Kraut is intended as humor only. [...]
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NEW WEBSITE COMBINES ONLINE GAMING AND .NET ACTIVISM TO HELP IRAQI CIVILIAN CASUALTIES A new website that uses the power of internet gambling to raise money for civilian casualties of a US-led war against Iraq. The premise of the game is simple: visitors to place $5.00 bets on when the war will begin. [...]
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metal_for_ever by anonymous
This program plays variational heavy metal music.
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Whitespace by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
Most modern programming languages do not consider white space characters (spaces, tabs and newlines) syntax, ignoring them, as if they weren't there. We consider this to be a gross injustice to these perfectly friendly members of the character set. Should they be ignored, just because they are invisible? Whitespace is a language that seeks to redress the balance. [...]
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Wolfenstein 5k by Lee Semel
Blow the heads off the monsters in this texture-mapped, first-person shooter crammed into 5K of JavaScript.
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