Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

If you include this library in your Perl program, then just before your program exits, the authors of 'CPAN' Perl libraries used by your program are printed out.

This is rather nice, as these library authors have given their work freely, save others a lot of time and are often not fully appreciated.

for example, this module tells us that the software runs thanks to:

Jarkko Hietaniemi for Carp, Exporter, Fcntl, File::Basename, File::Spec::Unix, Cwd, File::Path, Symbol, SelectSaver, FileHandle, Exporter::Heavy, AutoLoader, Socket;
Graham Barr for IO::File, IO::Seekable, IO::Handle, IO, Net::SMTP, IO::Socket, Errno, IO::Socket::INET, IO::Socket::UNIX, Net::Cmd, Net::Config;
Michael G Schwern for Carp::Assert, Class::Data::Inheritable, Class::Accessor, Class::WhiteHole, protected, Class::Fields::Fuxor, Class::Fields::Attribs, Class::Fields, Class::Fields::Inherit;
Andy Wardley for Template, Template::Base, Template::Config, Template::Provider, Template::Constants, Template::Document, Template::Service, Template::Exception;
Tony Bowden for Class::DBI, Class::DBI::Iterator, Ima::DBI;
The Perl5 Porters Mailing List for ;DynaLoader, Config;
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for Class::Trigger;
NOKUBI Takatsugu for File::MMagic;
Gisle Aas for MIME::QuotedPrint;
Randy J Ray for Image::Size;
Cristy for Image::Magick;
Tim Bunce for DBI;
Barrie Slaymaker for File::Spec;
Gurusamy Sarathy for Data::Dumper;
Lincoln D. Stein for GD;
Martyn J. Pearce for Class::MethodMaker

Raise your glasses to these heroes!

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keywords: perl-hackerly-friendly
category: conceptual software
uploaded by alex, 31 Dec 2003

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