Desktop Subversibles
Jonah Brucker-Cohen

As computers and the desktop metaphor reach virtual ubiquity in our daily lives, they also become objects we take for granted in daily use. The Desktop Subversibles application suite questions this ubiquity by focusing on standard desktop activities like copy/paste, mouse movements, and clicks and adding networked and physical outputs to highlight these mundane activities' collective and collaborative potential.

The suite of applications includes:

MouseMiles is a networked mileage indicator for your mouse. Over time it calculates the mileage you have traveled and relays that information to a central server. The server collects all of the incoming mileage and outputs the distance in real-time to move a physical object - currently a model train around a track.

MouseTraces is an application that focuses on background connectedness and awareness between two people across distance. Looking at the specific relationship of networked computer usage, the project captures mouse movements on the desktop and transmits a graphical representation of this movement across the network to the other person.

ClipIt! Is a downloadable networked application that provides an ambient connection to other people's desktops by distributing the contents of each users clipboard. The project works as an automatic Post-It or sticky note that is meant to allow people to catch a glimpse of the activity on other people's machines.

Clicks is a downloadable networked application that provides an ambient connection to other people's desktops by collecting and distributing desktop mouse clicks. Once collected, clicks are sent to a central server and each connected client is assigned a unique tone which is played in a physical location (currently installed at MLE), creating an ambient sound installation as an indicator of computer activity and use on a global scale.

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keywords: serial-multiuser-telematic-sharing-musical-
Mapping-lingo software for windows and mac
category: data transformation
uploaded by coinoperated, 20 Feb 2003

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